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Every day, nature offers a sublime example of the need for rebirth…


wiser_homepage was initially born as a directory of thousands upon thousands of organizations and inspiring individuals – a place where we could see, find and touch kindred spirits – grassroots leaders and people from around the world dedicated to sustainablity and to restoring peace, justice and hope.

After many months of consideration and after gathering extensive feedback and input from editors and active members, we have decided to close down the website. Content from has been archived. The content and our community of more than 80,000 people from all over the world will continue to share and collaborate through partner organizations.

Learn more about this decision.

Thank you all for your amazing support over the years. Our non profit, WiserEarth, will undergo a shift in leadership on May 1st 2014.The leadership of the organization will be passed on to Amanda Ravenhill and Paul Hawken, who will be running a new program: The Drawdown Project.

Drawdown will be a book, a database, a basis for curricula, a digital platform, and a movement. It defines and describes 117 impeccably researched, “state-of-the-shelf” technologies, both practical and social, that will reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Drawdown lays clear the financial and scientific impact these technologies can deliver in the next thirty years. Drawdown will arrive in the fall of 2015.


We are thankful to have the following partners who are taking the data under their wing and will continue to build upon what we started back on Earth Day 2007:


The community will continue to thrive through the networks that you are all part of and also through these wonderful community partners. Please do join their communities to start finding other like-minded souls: