We Believe in Cooperation and Inclusion

Inclusion is a powerful strategy for building a culture of empathy, respect and equity. Cooperation is the day-to-day habit that will lead to the change we want to see in this world. That is the WISER solution. WISER is taking an active role towards building inclusive communities. We are doing it through research, outreach, education and coaching.


We want to understand the root causes of behaviors like inclusion, exclusion, cooperation, bullying, discrimination and other power dynamics. We dig up scientific facts about human behavior through social psychology and other social sciences. We do community-based participatory research with the community as our equal partner. Our research combines knowledge with action. It leads to social change that improves lives.


The only way to build a world where all people are respected and have meaningful opportunity to develop their gifts is through the Everyday Person. That is why we want to get the research to you wherever you are -- in schools, workplaces, places of worship and other community groups. We reach out to people around the world through technology and a network of local partners. We build inclusive communities, virtually and in the real world. We encourage a culture of cooperation, care, empathy, and respect wherever we are.


Our mission is to empower others to build inclusive communities and equitable access to health, education and economic markets. Education is our strategy for empowering others. We offer one-day workshops and multi-week courses on inclusion, exclusion, cooperation, bullying, discrimination and other power dynamics for people of all ages. We customize our material to match each group's developmental stage. We believe real learning happens when you are having fun. That's why we go beyond traditional reports and webinars. We create multimedia art like short films, comic books, video games and music as teaching tools.


Coaching is how we turn knowledge into action. We coach community leaders who promote inclusion and cooperation. We coach people who have been bullied. We close the gap in health, education and economic markets by coaching marginalized groups in business development and higher education. Coaching is where behaviors and lives change. Coaching is our discipline. We do it because we are taking the long-view; planting seeds now, so future generations will benefit.